ludwig abraham



Premiered in the ohrenhoch sound gallery in Berlin in 2015, this piece is designed for a single visitor, noise canceling headphones and a pitch black room. In this setup, I tried to explore the impact of sounds, acoustical environments and tools usually used in sound design on people.

„The word Hawaii, to the average person, conveys two ideas — a tourist paradise, and a powerful national outpost. Although these impressions are not incorrect, they are decidedly incomplete. The purpose of this ______ is to portray an aspect of these islands concerning which there are many misconceptions. It has to do with significant features of the economy of the islands; with the relations between those who live there and the basic industries, and, in particular, with statistical details regarding wages, hours, and working conditions.“

This work is supported by Georg Neumann GmbH.

As this piece is especially designed to be listened to on headphones in a pitch black room, it is suggested to perceive it that way.

Holidays, from CdG